Antonio Fresi

Born in 1946 in Marsala, Sicily, in the 50s comes back to his family’s original town, Arma di Taggia, Imperia. In the early 60s, pretty young, Antonio starts his artistic career joining the workshop of Osvaldo Poggio, a named painter and sculptor. The years spent with Poggio are very formative for the Antonio’s artistic skill as well as for his future profession of painting restorer and frame maker, because Poggio teaches Antonio how to approach the art with an extended knowledge of the basic elements composing an artwork: the colours, the various supports, the mediums and so on. The collaboration with the two, goes on for some years until Poggio moves to his native town in Piedmont giving the workshop to Antonio who, in the meanwhile, has also done extensive studies about the painting restoring. So, in a short time the “Antonio’s workshop” became a real meeting point for the artists, just in a period in which the Flower Riviera lives its “golden age” concerning culture and art. In that period, at the “Antonio Workshop” isn’t uncommon to find Ezio Sclavi, Mario Guerzoni, the dear friend Umberto Corradi, Mario Cammi, Antonio Calderara, Welter and many other artists, often busy in lively debates about art.

Antonio Fresi Op.Gs 004 - 1968

One of the workshop’s “habitué” is the famous Italian linguist Aldo Gabrielli, who studies a specific neologism to describe Antonio: a man who isn’t uniquely a painter but not even simply a restorer or a frame maker. “Quadraio”. This is the term invented by Gabrielli. In 1971 Antonio does it’s first exhibition in Villa Boselli, presenting a series of works done in collaboration with his friend Caldi. These works get a wide success from the public as well as from the critic.

Op.43 Caldi - Fresi 1971

Among the many artists who frequented the workshop, it needs to be mentioned Luciano Cacciò, who was a long time friend of Antonio.

Antonio Fresi - Op.18 -1974

Another important element is the long friendship with Maria Cernuschi Ghiringhelli, for which Antonio works as restorer. This gives him the opportunity to be in contact with many artists, especially with Jean-Michel Folon e Jean Leppien. For this latter Antonio also creates the frames for some works exposed in the most important European collections.

Antonio Fresi - Lines Op. 11 - 1978

In the following years, the Antonio’s artistic production knows some pauses due to the work commitments always more heavy, but in Antonio remain the willing of knowledge, which brings him to maintain relationship with many artist like Otto Hoffmann, Cristof Heyduck and Michael Green.

Antonio Fresi - Op. 5 - 1989

In the early 2000s Antonio gradually resumes his artistic production, and today the painting is once again an integral part of his daily life.

Antonio Fresi - Op. Ac. 020 - 2011